English Martial Arts

Swordfighting, Classical Pugilism, & Catch Wrestling


At the English Martial Arts Academy we teach the fighting system of George Silver, and Elizabethan Gentleman and swordsman. He wrote two books on swordfighting, the first of which was published in 1599 in London, England.

He was the first person to describe a complete system of combat that is based on sound biomechanical constants that can be applied to any weapon. Lessons start with the classic English Backsword - a single handed sword with a basket style hilt - and then progress on to dual weapons such as sword and dagger, and sword and buckler.We also look at two handed sword, quarterstaff, and pole weapons.

This is not an esoteric art where techniques are practiced solo, but a solid and effective system of combat that is put into practice during dedicated sparring sessions. Instructors and students of the English Martial Arts Academy regularly win and place highly at national and international level competitions.