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Pugilism at the English Martial Arts Academy

Classical Pugilism

Classical Pugilism is the name given to the art of boxing that predates the introduction of the Marquess of Queensberry's rules. It was these rules that banned grappling, and introduced the system of rounds that is still used today. They also made the use of padded gloves compulsory.

The banning of throws and grappling techniques significantly changed the style of the fight and allowed fighters to adopt postures and stances more suited to a striking based sport. Postures and stances that had not been practical earlier. The adoption of gloves also altered the method of punching, and the hands were now heavily protected. This allowed for a much greater leeway in both power generation and target selection.

At the English Martial Arts Academy we teach the art of Pugilism as it was practiced during the Broughton's Rules era. At this time the only things that were illegal were taking hold of a man below the waist, and striking a man when he was down. Kicks, grappling techniques, throws, and elbow strikes were all considered part and parcel of the art.