Martin “Oz” Austwick


Martin “Oz” Austwick

The Chief Instructor of the English Martial Arts Academy is Martin “Oz” Austwick.

Oz has been practicing Historical European Martial Arts for well over 20 years now after spending his childhood and teenage years studying traditional Karate.

He is one of the world’s leading authorities on the Elizabethan system of combat created by George Silver and published in 1599, and regularly teaches at international events around the world.  He is also the creator of one of the first and most successful online tutorial sites for HEMA designed to allow people with no local club to study swordsmanship.  He was a founder member of the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition, and runs a very popular YouTube Channel focussing on HEMA.

He has also been studying the art of Classical Pugilism for over a decade and was invited to teach at the world’s first International Pugilism Symposium.  He created the event “The Noble Science” and has published a number of books on the art of pugilism.

Martin Austwick, Wade Schalles, Josh Barnett, and Jake Shannon
Oz with Wade Schalles, Josh Barnett, and Jake Shannon

Oz is also a Catch wrestler having discovered this devastating system of wrestling some 6 years ago.  He has trained under the late Billy Robinson, the multiple world champion Marty Jones, the record breaking Wade Schalles, and former UFC champion Josh Barnett to name but a few.  Oz is certified to Level 3 under the Scientific Wrestling programme.

In June 2017 Oz was awarded a 4th Degree Black Belt by Peter Consterdine and Geoff Thompson of the British Combat Association for services to English Martial Arts, and is very proud to be part of their organisation.

Lucy Easton


Lucy English Martial Arts
Lucy Easton

Lucy Easton is the Assistant Instructor at the EMAA and has been training in the English Martial Arts Academy for well over a decade.  She has established herself as a skilled and effective instructor of a number of different styles of swordplay.

She has taught at a number of international events, and on top of her duties with the EMAA also runs a club focussing on military sabre in Woking.

Lucy runs the UK’s largest and most popular HEMA event “Fightcamp” along with her husband Matt Easton, and was part of a small group invited to demonstrate the art of swordplay at the launch of the Ubisoft game “Assassin’s Creed Unity”.

Lucy is also akeen wrestler when time allows, and would dearly love to have an opponent close to her own size.