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Catch Wrestling at the English Martial Arts Academy

Catch as Catch Can Wrestling

Catch as Catch Can or Catch wrestling is a traditional style of grappling that originates in Lancashire in the UK. Historically each region in the country had it's own variation on wrestling. Some required special jackets, some requires the fighters to start in a specific hold, some fought to a throw or fall, some to a pin (where your opponent is held immobile on their back on the ground). Catch Wrestling was also known as loose style, because the fighters started apart and took whatever hold they could. This is the origin of the term "Catch as Catch Can".

Unlike many of the historical fighting arts of Europe, Catch Wrestling did not completely die out, or evolve beyond recognition. A small group of people have managed to keep the art alive, and it is now undergoing a revival across the world. A revival that the English Martial Arts Academy is extremely proud to be part of.

Traditionally Catch Wrestling is fought to either a pin or a submission (where one fighter signals their wish for the bout to end). This has lead to the development of a system that is not only extremely effective at controlling your opponent, but that also contains a large number of painful submissions or "hooks". It is growing in popularity around the world, and some of the most successful MMA fighters in the world - like Josh Barnett and Kazushi Sakuraba - are proponents of Catch.