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Swordfighting, Classical Pugilism, & Catch Wrestling


"I've had great fun training at English Martial Arts Academy the last 4 years, the full contact sparring is a blast. The club has a solid student base and classes are well structured, focusing on fitness and the Martial form. Oz really knows his stuff. Fitness Instructor, Historian and martial arts expert all rolled into one." Darren

"Being a member of the EMAA has exposed me to the world of HEMA and allowed me to study & experience a variety of martial arts/forms I never knew existed. The EMAA is driven by Oz's passion for sharing these disciplines. He's an excellent instructor and always there to give me a push in the right direction when needed." Matt

"I have been involved in martial arts for nearly twenty years and have trained in traditional Japanese karate, boxing, kickboxing and Filipino martial arts (Kali). During this time I have been fortunate enough to have been taught by world champions and experts in self protection; individuals with great experience, insight and skill. Oz is one of those individuals, he has opened up a whole world that was unknown to me in martial arts. His classes are highly enjoyable and challenging and cover a full syllabus from martial fitness to a variety of weapons, notably the backsword, and unarmed combat. I cannot recommend Oz highly enough!" Jonny

Our Instructors

Martin "Oz" Austwick

Martin Oz Austwick - English Martial Arts Academy

Oz is the Chief Instructor and founder of the English Martial Arts Academy. He has been involved in English Martial Arts for almost 20 years, and before that spent 8 years studying Shotokan Karate.

He has taught by invitation across Europe and the USA, and regularly teaches sessions at major Martial Arts events. He runs The Noble Science, the worlds only unarmed HEMA weekend event and is at the forefront of developing online courses for people with no HEMA groups near by.

He was a founder member of HEMAC (The Historical European Martial Arts Coalition), is an Instructor with the British Combat Association, and is certified to Level two under the Scientific Wrestling programme. He has trained under such wrestling greats as Billy Robinson, Wade Schalles, Marty Jones, and Roy Wood.

Lucy Easton

Lucy Easton - English Martial Arts Academy

Lucy has been training with the English Martial Arts Academy for over seven years, and as such is the longest serving member of the group after Oz himself. She is the assistant instructor at the multi-weapons class on Monday nights at the Guildford Spectrum.

She has taught at a number of major events over the last few years, and also runs Fightcamp - one of the largest HEMA events in the world - alongside her husband Matt Easton. Before HEMA, Lucy studied karate, and was a keen runner. She is the driving force behind the Grand Assault at Armes, and was recently part of a select group asked to demonstrate swordsmanship at the UK launch of Assassin's Creed Unity.

As if this wasn't enough Lucy is a keen wrestler, and would dearly love to have someone her own size to to train with.

Mark Randall

Mark Randall - English Martial Arts Academy

When Mark started training at the English Martial Arts Academy five years ago he was already an accomplished Martial Artist. He was an instructor in Krav Maga, and Kung Fu, and wanted to try his hand at something a little different. Now Mark is the assistant instructor at the Catch Wrestling class on Wednesday nights at Uniq Physique Gym in Haslemere.

Mark's specialist area of interest is in the unarmed side of HEMA, and is fascinated by the early days of Classical Pugilism. He has taught at a number of events, and is rapidly making a reputation for himself as an instructor in traditional English Bare Knuckle Boxing.

Mark is currently certified to Level 1 under the Scientific Wrestling Programme, and has trained with greats such as Wade Schalles, and Marty Jones.



Weapons & Pugilism

Monday Nights, 7pm until 8.30pm

Arena A
The Spectrum Leisure Complex


Catch Wrestling

Wednesday Nights 8pm until 10pm

Uniq Physique Gym
Unicorn Trading Estate
Weydown Road
GU27 1DN

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Your first session is free, and we have plenty of spare kit at our Monday class. All you need to bring along is a willingness to get stuck in, and a desire to learn some of the most effective and enjoyable combat systems in the world today.

Whether you are a complete beginner, or a professional MMA fighter there is something for you here. You'd have to be a fool not to give it a try.